Our Vision

To be an outstanding Christian school that provides world-class and all-round education with emphasis on academic and moral excellence.

Our Mission

  • Develop children’s potentials for lives of integrity and excellence in all human endeavours.
  • Employ state-of-the-art educational resources for improving children's capacity for learning through innovative approaches to teaching.
  • Train and guide children to be innovative in applying their knowledge for real-life activities and impact.

Life at Fruitful Vines Schools

Life at Fruitful Vines School is full of fun as children learn faster in a play environment.

Each child is encouraged to aim for a high standard of academic achievement in a well-structured, disciplined and stimulating environment.

We have amazing features that help children to develop mentally, socially and academically.

There are varieties of indoor and outdoor co-curricular activities that our pupils and students engage in.

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Fruitful Vines Schools offer quality and affordable programs for pupils and students. Our learning environment is hygienic, safe, and secure. We also have a comfortable Student-Teacher Ratio.